No Pressure, No Diamonds

Have you ever wondered how the spectacular diamond is actually formed in nature?  To start, we have a fascinating overview from a Rio Tinto geologist who explains the process: “The…

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Five Fascinating Facts About Amethyst

If you’re as interested in birthstones as we are,  you may be aware that amethyst is this month’s stone.  Believed to symbolise protection, humility, modesty, and security, amethyst is also…

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Amethyst Crystals - image via Ilze Lucero

Bespoke Coin Pendant

Here we have a beautiful coin pendant that I hand made for a customer this week... After polishing the coin, I set it in an 18ct yellow gold and sterling…

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The Brief: Make Me a ‘Nice’ Signet Ring

I had a lovely customer who wanted to surprise her husband on his 70th birthday. She asked me to use two big rings to make him a 'nice' signet ring.…

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Amazing Opal Sometimes, I’m lucky to work with beautiful rare gems, (like this amazing Opal)

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Floral Halo Engagement Ring

End of year, a few more commission jobs just done. Floral Halo engagement ring in 18ct White gold and diamonds

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