The Brief: Make Me a ‘Nice’ Signet Ring

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I had a lovely customer who wanted to surprise her husband on his 70th birthday. She asked me to use two big rings to make him a ‘nice’ signet ring. Here is what she had to say about it…

“Yossi remotely designed this stunning ring for me! ? What a great result! I encourage you to be inspired to entrust your unwanted gold to him and have it re-made into something you will be proud to wear!”

– Francine, Happy Customer

I supplied the gold and together my husband and I chose the garnet, from there I entrusted the design to the artistic genius, Yossi along with a brief that it be class, definitely not kitsch. Yossi carried out my brief perfectly and a month later I was stunned when I saw the result. I arranged a huge party to celebrate my husband’s 70th birthday, as a further surprise to him and others I arranged a celebrant to assist me in the presentation of this wonderful token of my love and appreciation of my husband of almost 46 years; he and guests were overwhelmed. Oh what an amazing celebration! ?

– Francine, Happy Customer

The ring is made with white and yellow gold and set with garnet on top of the ring in the centre, surrounded by 4 round-cut diamonds, with blue Topaz on shoulders. It was a lot of fun to make, and a pleasure to see that the customer and her husband loved it.

– Yossi