Everything You Need to Know About Diamonds

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“True friends are like diamonds – bright, beautiful, valuable, and always in style”
(Nicole Richie)

So, they say… Probably because diamonds are nature’s most precious and beautiful

Diamonds are a rare, naturally occurring mineral composed of carbon. atom in
a diamond is surrounded by four other carbon atoms and connected to them by
strong covalent bonds – the strongest type of chemical bond.

No wonder why the diamond is the world’s most popular gemstone…

In my studio and gallery, which is in the hidden village of Ripponlea, in Melbourne
Australia, I design each piece according to my customers’ vision and imagination,
made to order only.

I love to work with people, design their special bonding for their engagement or
wedding rings, or sometimes they inherited a big diamond from grandmother that lost
its sparkle, in these cases I’m here to help design and make new pieces of jewellery
so they will enjoy from it the rest of their lives, I always look for new ideas and
execute them, with a lot of love, according to their dreams.

If you are interested in owning a diamond, you might want to know:

The quality of a diamond that has will be determined by four factors: colour, cut, clarity, and carat weight. Or in other words – the 4 C’s!

Colour: Most gem-quality diamonds range from colourless to slightly yellow, brown, or grey.
The most highly regarded and valuable diamonds are those that are completely colourless.

Clarity: The ideal diamond is free from fractures and inclusions (particles of foreign material within the gem). These detract from the appearance of the gem and interfere with the passage of light.

Cut: The quality of design and craftsmanship used in cutting a diamond is what determines its appearance. The angles to which the facets are cut, the proportions of the design, and the quality of the polishing are what determine its face-up appearance, brilliance, scintillation, pattern, and fire.
Ideal stones are perfectly polished to be highly reflective and emit a maximum amount of fire.

Carat: Diamonds are sold by the carat (a unit of weight equal to 1/5th of a gram or 1/142nd of an ounce). Small diamonds usually cost less per carat than larger stones of equal quality.
This is because very small stones are very common and large stones are exceptionally rare.

We hope that shed some light on your diamonds knowledge, but if you have any questions feel free to leave them below.