An Old Timer, Sapphire and Diamond Ring

Starting of this new year with this lovely remake of a classic of mine. This is a reproduction of an old but a beloved silver ring set with Sapphire and Diamonds. This was a great way to kick of my year of making bespoke Jewellery!

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Hammered Ring

This simple yet beautiful 9ct. White gold ring, finished with a hammered texture, reflects the light in all the right places.  

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Category: Wedding Bands, New Products
Tag: sterling silver, jewellery, silver, wedding, wedding band, handmade, handmade ring, hammered

Lapis and Ruby and Silver, Oh My!

A new Ring made by my amazing apprenticeĀ Callan Denis, featuring a beautiful Lapis Lazuli and a round cut Ruby set in Sterling Silver.

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Category: Dress Ring, Precious stones, New Products
Tag: sterling silver, silver, bespoke, ruby, handmade, bespoke jewellery, silver ring, custom jewellery, handmade ring, handmade jewellery, bespoke ring, ruby ring, custom made jewellery, lapis, lapis lazuli, lapis ring

Mixed Metals and Amethyst creation

A lovely woman came to me with a some gold from an old ring as well as this gorgeous amethyst, and asked me to create a ring for her with it. We came up with this design together and couldn’t be happier with the end result!

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Blue Topaz

A new ring I made, featuring a round cut Blue Topaz in a Sterling Silver Tension Setting. On its own, the stunning crisp blue of the topaz boasts elegance and style, yet combined with the highly polished finish of the silver creates a beautiful and sharply stylish piece, Suit for any occasion.

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Category: Precious stones, Dress Ring, Engagement rings
Tag: sterling silver, silver, dress ring, blue topaz, topaz, silver ring, statement ring, blue topaz ring, topaz ring, topaz and silver, topaz and silver ring, tension setting

Precious Pearls and Sterling Silver

This ring was designed by the talented Callan Denis, my new amazing apprentice. This ring features a Freshwater Keshi Pearl set in Sterling Silver with organic lines and shapes, reflecting the untouched cut of the Pearl and its aquatic home. Come by to see this new ring, among others, currently on display in the gallery! […]

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Category: Precious stones, Dress Ring, Engagement rings
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