Royal White Pearl Necklace

A modern take on a classic pearl necklace, this masterpiece boasts an amazing 44 white freshwater pearls. The glamour of the pearls allows this necklace to bestow the wearer with an air of grace and elegance. Here, the highly polished mirrored finish of the silver compliments the luster and iridescent sheen of the pearls.

The centerpiece and clasp of the necklace is a timeless sterling silver toggle clasp which creates a sense of asymmetric visual interest and interaction. The duality of these materials find marriage in this necklace which exudes timeless beauty. The pearls are hand-picked to ensure the highest quality in form, color and polish.



44 x Freshwater Pearls: Approx 9-10mm each
Length of necklace: 45-47 cm
Clasp size: 32 mm diameter
Rod length: 52 mm


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