Euphoria Hammered Gold Ring

This hammered finish ring bears the imprint and impression of the designer – handmade and hand beaten with a specially crafted hammer to yield an intricate surface landscape. The hammer texture features a personalized, unique and bespoke surface quality that is analogous to that in nature.



Band width: 10mm

Additional information


18 ct Rose Gold, 18 ct White Gold, 18 ct Yellow Gold, 9 ct Rose Gold, 9 ct White Gold, 9 ct Yellow Gold, Sterling Silver

Ring Size

UK B, UK B 1/2, UK C, UK C 1/2, UK D, UK D 1/2, UK E, UK E 1/2, UK F, UK F 1/2, UK G, UK G 1/2, UK H, UK H 1/2, UK I, UK I 1/2, UK J, UK J 1/2, UK K, UK K 1/2, UK L, UK L 1/2, UK M, UK M 1/2, UK N, UK N 1/2, UK O, UK O 1/2, UK P, UK P 1/2, UK Q, UK Q 1/2, UK R, UK R 1/2, UK S, UK S 1/2, UK T, UK T 1/2, UK U, UK U 1/2, UK V, UK V 1/2, UK W, UK W 1/2, UK X, UK X 1/2, UK Y, UK Y 1/2, UK Z, UK A, UK A 1/2, UK Z 1/2


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