Pink Ruby & White Gold Engagement Ring – Available As Wedding Set

This handmade, 9ct. White Gold Engagement and Wedding Ring set features seven round cut rubies. The stones are inlaid into these bands through a rubbed-in setting and sit seamlessly against the metal, analogous to seeds on the cusp of blossoming. This ring yields an intricate surface detail that gives a sophisticated and feminine ornamentation. The magnificently colored deep Rubies bestow this ring with a mystical fire.

The price is for the engagement ruby ring only. If you wish to buy the matching wedding band set with two black diamonds inside the band, as well, just let me know and I’ll give you a price according to your specification.




Due to the hand made nature of this jewellery, the final piece may differ slightly to the item pictured above. This is a natural consequence of handmade jewellery, and it is these variations that are what make each piece so unique and beautiful. It also means, if you wish to make any changes to the pictured item – whether it be the type of metal, stone, size or shape, we can happily do this for you. Simply get in touch with any questions or ideas you have.


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