Majestic Mabe Pearl White Gold Dress Ring

A majestic Mabe Pearl residing in a bezel setting, embraced by a wide white flat solid 9 or 18 ct White Gold band. The highly polished, mirrored surface of this handmade, bespoke ring dances in the light and shares a visual harmony with the lustrous, iridescent Mabe Pearl.

This ring has a beauty that is both subtle and regal in its charm.



Pearl Size: 14mm

Due to the hand made nature of this jewellery, the final piece may differ slightly to the item pictured above. This is a natural consequence of hand made jewellery, and it is these variations that are what make each piece so unique and beautiful.

If you wish to have any variation or you have any questions, I would be extremely happy to help you – simply get in touch with any questions you may have.



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