Male Hammered Wedding Band

New Hammered 9kt Yellow Gold wedding band I made for a male client of mine.  

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Category: Custom Request, Wedding Bands
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Dazzling Diamonds

New custom made Pave ring I just made for a customer , set with 69 brilliant cut diamonds  (Total carat weight – 1.40 Carat) in 18ct. White Gold.

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Category: Custom Request
Tag: white gold, diamonds, diamond, gold, white gold ring, gold ring, diamond ring, pave ring, gold and diamond, gold and diamonds, 18karat, 18k, 18 karat

Solitary Sapphire

A dress ring I made for a male client. He brought in this beautiful deep blue Sapphire to be set in a heavy but simple 22 karat Yellow Gold ring, and this is what I made for him; he was very happy with the final result!

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Category: Precious stones, Custom Request, Dress Ring
Tag: yellow gold, sapphire, bespoke, handmade, bespoke jewellery, custom jewellery, gold ring, handmade ring, handmade jewellery, bespoke ring, yellow gold ring, custom ring, sapphire ring, gold and sapphire, 22k, 22 karat, 22ct, 22 carat, 22kt

Fire and Ice

This ring was made with gems that were taken out of another ring: Round Cut Rubies and Diamonds reset in Yellow Gold in a floral arrangement.

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Category: Dress Ring, Precious stones, Diamonds
Tag: yellow gold, diamonds, diamond, dress ring, ruby, handmade, bespoke jewellery, rubies, statement ring, gold ring, handmade ring, handmade jewellery, bespoke ring, rubies and diamonds, diamonds and rubies, fire and ice, ruby ring, diamond ring, statement jewellery, yellow gold ring, yellow gold jewellery, gold jewellery

An Opal Beauty

A custom ring I recently made for an old client of mine- a beautiful architectural piece made from an ellipse shaped Solid Opal and 9 carat Yellow Gold. The Opal rests in a bezel setting, tension set between two Gold hoops which make up the shape of the ring. The negative space used in the […]

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Category: Dress Ring, Precious stones, New Products
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