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Showcasing Fine Jewellery


   A New gallery to showcase fine contemporary jewellery gas opened in Armadale.    Gallery Mettle at 1093 High Street is directed and curated by Yossi Jablonski, a member of the Gold and Silversmiths Guild of Australia, and Jan Donaldson’s, president of the Jewellers and Metalsmiths group of Australia.    Jan recently held an exhibition in San Francisco and Oregon. Last year, she won an exhibition in the International Jewellery Network Society’s Annual Exhibition in Tokyo.   Israeli born Jablonski has trained in Asia and Israel.   He said the new gallery will feature fine contemporary jewellery from 12 leading artists.   For Jablonski, the turning point to his career was in Nepal while collecting antique Tibetan turquoise. Jablonski was introduced to Rasaily, jeweller to the king and royal family of Nepal. This chance meeting led to a three-month internship with this traditional master craftsman and eventually onto Japan to sell and exhibit the works that were developed during the period.    Jablonski realised that he had to study further to enhance his understanding of western techniques of jewellery making. He returned to Tel-Aviv and graduated with honours from the Technical Centre for Handmade Jewellery in Tel-Aviv.   Jablonski then served an apprenticeship with Karmel Shabi – recipient of the Grand Prize for Silversmithing in Israel – and studied the various techniques for making large objects d’art such as candelabra   This was followed by periods with master jeweller Kalas Soni in Rajastan, and then in Dharmasala with Tibetan goldsmith Kalsan learning techniques of jewellery making using 24 karat gold in traditional styles.    Jablonski’s marriage to Australian-born Illana led him to settle in Victoria.


New Gallery Celebrates Contemporary Jewellery


Australia’s profile as a producer of distinctive designer jewellery increases with the opening stores such as Gallery Mettle (1093 High Street, Armadale, Vic.) Some of the finest contemporary jewellery from 12 of Australia’s best precious metal artists is now on show at the new gallery wich is directed and curated by Yossi Jablonski and Jan Donaldson.


Judaica Crafted In Silver

  Danny Gocs   ARSTIST Yossi Jablonski travelled the world studying latest trends in silver jewellery and handmade Judaica.    The Israeli-born craftsman works from his studio at home in Emerald in the Dandenongs, but many examples of his handiwork can be seen in the exclusive jewellery shops and galleries of Toorak and South Yarra.   Yossi says his most popular items are candlesticks and mezzuzot, of wich he has more than 10 different varieties.   “At one time all the handmade Judaica available in Melbourne was imported from Israel, but now there is a local range,” he said.   Yossi came to Australia 6 years ago, but has been travelling and studying overseas for much of the time.   “On the trip to Nepal I met the kings jeweller and spent three months studying and working with him in silver and gold.   Then I returned to Israel to study metallurgy and jewellery before returning to Asia to work with the Indian Jeweller.”   Yossi said he also went to Japan to learn their techniques and returned to Israel to concentrate on Judaica.   “I have learnt many different techniques wich enables me to mix modern and traditional designs,” he said.   Yossi is married to a doctor, Illana, and they live on a five acre block at Emerald   Yossi says people are welcome to visit his studio and see how he creates his Judaica, but they should call first on (059) 68-6415.    In October Yossi visited Israel to see the latest designs on the market for Judaica.    “In Australia most people still like traditional designs; in Israel the modern designs are more popular.”   Yossi said that most traditionally designed candlesticks and mezzuzot were mass produced in factories in Israel, whereas his products are all handmade.   “People have to regard handmade Judaica as works of art and they have to learn about investigating in silver and candlesticks as art.”


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