Fresh Water Pearl Necklace

This hand made necklace, using gold wire with 6 uniquely shaped fresh water pearls is elegant and different. I enjoyed designing this, thinking of how I could include the pearls in the necklace in a unique, yet classic way.

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Pearl Drops

Some new earrings I made to go with a previous necklace on display. These earrings feature Freshwater dyed black 6.50mm Pearls on 9ct Yellow Gold Wired Hooks, and are a simple yet elegant staple piece I have in the shop.

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Precious Pearls and Sterling Silver

This ring was designed by the talented Callan Denis, my new amazing apprentice. This ring features a Freshwater Keshi Pearl set in Sterling Silver with organic lines and shapes, reflecting the untouched cut of the Pearl and its aquatic home. Come by to see this new ring, among others, currently on display in the gallery! […]

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Of Gold and Pearls

This Pendant I just completed features two lustrous Black dyed Freshwater Pearls in a 9 carat Rose Gold wire setting. The highly polished finish allows the light to drip and dance of the surface of the Pearls. The luminescent purple and green hues in the Pearls are further enhanced by the pink tints of the […]

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