Bring Me to Life

This Pendant features a Blue Topaz measuring 14mm x 14mm Cushion cut checkerboard set in a 9ct White Gold Frame. I hope you enjoy previewing the highlights from the creation process. This blue topaz is lightly coloured allowing light to radiate and shine through its prismatic facets.

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Tag: pendant, white gold, elegant, modern, contemporary, gold, necklace, blue topaz, bespoke, handmade, light

Journey to the Stars

This was a commission piece I made in which the Jewels on the Hemispherical Pendant are inspired by the constellation of the women’s star-sign.

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Tag: pendant, sapphire, modern, contemporary, peridot, necklace, polish, amethyst, bespoke, ruby, jewels, abstract, mirror, hemispherical, emerald

Optical Wonder; Dripping and Floating

An extremely striking and stylish ring that looks like liquid silver dripping in the light.

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Category: Precious stones, Custom Request, Dress Ring
Tag: white gold, contemporary, silver, amethyst, gemstone, polished, suspension setting, seamless, chic, dress jewellery

Square Seduction

I created a yellow gold bezel frame to house this beautiful blue topaz, which together reside on a modern arched white gold surface.

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Category: Pendants, Precious stones, New Products
Tag: pendant, yellow gold, white gold, modern, contemporary, jewellery, necklace, blue topaz, topaz, architectural, sculptural