Another Engagement Ring

Last one for this week. 18ct. Handmade Yellow gold engagement ring set with diamonds for a happy lady. Have a great weekend.

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Category: Engagement rings, Custom Request
Tag: engagement ring, bespoke ring, bespoke engagement ring, handmade engagement ring

Engagement Ring

Special ring for a special couple. Just finished making it…. The Center diamond was taken out from an old engagement ring that needed a serious lift up work. I made this ring with this princess cut diamond and by setting it with wide and raised bezel it give the diamond a bigger and more enhanced […]

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Category: Engagement rings, Custom Request
Tag: engagement ring, bespoke ring, bespoke engagement ring, handmade engagament ring

Unique ‘Puzzle’ Ring

I was brought this engagement ring by a couple who wanted me to make two wedding bands for them. I designed and made the bands to match and fit perfectly on either side of the engagement ring. Some “before and after” photos…..

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Category: Engagement rings, Wedding Bands, Custom Request
Tag: wedding ring, engagement ring, handmade engagement ring, handmade wedding ring

Yellow Gold Coin Ring

A nice lady that loves coins brought this golden coin and wanted me to make a ring with it for her and this is what I came up with. I love these types of jobs- they’re always fun to make, and she liked it too!

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Category: Dress Ring, Custom Request
Tag: yellow gold, custom made, bespoke, handmade, coin jewellery, handmade ring, bespoke ring, yellow gold ring, custom ring, custom made ring, coin ring

Jewellery Re-Creation

A lady came with one earring, the other one was lost… So I took it apart and made from it a beautiful diamond necklace. Have a great weekend

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Category: Pendants, Custom Request
Tag: yellow gold, diamonds, diamond, handmade pendant, bespoke pendant, yellow gold pendant, earring, broken earring, diamond earring, diamond pendant, yellow gold earring, custom made pendant, pendant made to order, jewellery restoration, jewellery restorations, restoration, restorations

Male Hammered Wedding Band

New Hammered 9kt Yellow Gold wedding band I made for a male client of mine.  

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Category: Custom Request, Wedding Bands
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