Custom made 14ct Yellow Gold Bangle

This beautiful 14ct. Yellow Gold Bangle was designed and made from a customer’s pre-existing old jewellery. The gold was melted down and re-formed to create this classic bangle.

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Category: Custom Request
Tag: yellow gold, jewellery, custom made, bespoke, handmade, Bangle, 14ct, Recycled

Gypsy Setting with Black Diamonds

A bespoke piece designed around pre-owned black diamonds that were brought to me by a client. The diamonds are gypsy set into the half round yellow gold band, creating a subtle yet beautiful addition to her collection

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Category: Custom Request, Diamonds
Tag: yellow gold, ring, bespoke, handmade, Black Diamonds, Gypsy set

Gold & Citrine Teardrop Pendant

A custom made pendant showing how a combination of 9ct Yellow gold and 9ct Rose Gold can enhance the comforting powers of Citrine. This beautiful and bright yellow teardrop stone encourages fullness of life, and sits effortlessly within its rose gold setting.

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Category: Pendants, Custom Request
Tag: pendant, rose gold, gold, bespoke, handmade, Teardrop, Citrine

Diamond & Sapphire 5 Band Ring

This custom-hand made white gold ring boasts elegance and style. Featuring four 18ct white gold overlapping bands, two each with a row of 25 sparkling diamonds, finished off with a fifth band on top with a row of 25 dazzling blue Ceylon sapphires. All Parve set to add extra shine and glamour.

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Category: Dress Ring, Precious stones, Custom Request, Diamonds
Tag: sapphire, diamond, custom, ring, bespoke, handmade, ceylon sapphire, white gold. five bands

Ring Restoration

This elegant 18.00ct White gold antique ring has been refreshed and restored. Adding a new shank, and fresh rhodium plating has given this very rare cut Ceylon sapphire the adoration it deserves.

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Category: Dress Ring, Wedding Bands, Engagement rings, Custom Request, Diamonds
Tag: white gold, sapphire, jewellery, ring, handmade, Antique

Bespoke Ring

The long awaited finished product! This awe inspiring 3.00ct Diamond, was brought to me with the hopes to design something fresh and new. This bespoke 18ct White Gold shank provides a modern take on a sentimental family heirloom.  

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Category: Custom Request, Dress Ring, Diamonds
Tag: diamond, gold, jewellery, ring, handmade, 18ct white gold, family heirloom
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