New Gem Display!

Hi all, I’ve just finished setting up another glass cabinet in the studio featuring an array of different gemstones: diamonds, aquamarine, opals and amber, among plenty of others- come check out the display!

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Simple Yet Stately

Here are a series of rings I made, from Sterling Silver and 9ct Rose Gold.The intricate ring harnesses a unique interplay of architectural features and surface textures to create visual excitement and variety. Finely detailed motifs occupy the center of the composition, and are framed by Rose Gold bars which populate the piece with further […]

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Of Gold and Pearls

This Pendant I just completed features two lustrous Black dyed Freshwater Pearls in a 9 carat Rose Gold wire setting. The highly polished finish allows the light to drip and dance of the surface of the Pearls. The luminescent purple and green hues in the Pearls are further enhanced by the pink tints of the […]

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The Aqua Allure

A custom ring I just made- 9 carat White Gold set with a stunning 5mm Princess cut Aquamarine. The highly polished mirrored finish captures the sparkle of the stone in its full glory; a minimalist design, but a statement piece nonetheless.

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Turquoise Treasure

I made this beautiful piece of Turquoise into a necklace with Sterling Silver on a rubber cord- a statement piece, imbuing the wearer with elegance. An ancient gemstone, it is easily recognizable by its dark coloured detailing. It remains ever-popular due to its striking blue-green hues and its visually rich mineral presence. The embellishments on […]

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August: Peridot

Peridot, the birth stone for the month of August is recognised as the stone for prosperity and happiness. The iron mineral content inside the stone yields its lime and olive green colourations. Earliest records of this stone originate from the Bible, and it was featured in the breastplates of the Kohanim (High Priests) in Jerusalem. […]

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