Fresh Water Pearl Necklace

This hand made necklace, using gold wire with 6 uniquely shaped fresh water pearls is elegant and different. I enjoyed designing this, thinking of how I could include the pearls in the necklace in a unique, yet classic way.

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Category: New Products
Tag: gold, jewellery, necklace, bespoke, handmade, pearls, freshwater pearls, wire

Green Peridot Set In Hand Engraved White Gold Ring.

  This striking design is sure to capture attention. The green Peridot, in a bezel setting, sits beautifully, raised above the intricate engravings that surround and compliment the stone. It was definitely worth every moment making it.

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Category: Dress Ring
Tag: white gold, jewellery, ring, peridot, setting, bespoke, handmade, engraved, beautiful, bezel, square