Etsy: The Next Frontier

Yossi Designer and Maker of Fine Jewellery is now open for sale on Etsy.

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Bring Me to Life

This Pendant features a Blue Topaz measuring 14mm x 14mm Cushion cut checkerboard set in a 9ct White Gold Frame. I hope you enjoy previewing the highlights from the creation process. This blue topaz is lightly coloured allowing light to radiate and shine through its prismatic facets.

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Journey to the Stars

This was a commission piece I made in which the Jewels on the Hemispherical Pendant are inspired by the constellation of the women’s star-sign.

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Beautiful and Beaten Hammered Texture Wedding Bands

Hammered Beaten Rings yield an intricate and elaborate surface quality that bears that imprint of the Jeweller at work.

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Beautiful Sterling Silver Salt Dish

In what was a very different experience to making rings and other jewellery items (although equally as fun), I was commissioned to make this Sterling Silver Salt dish used for the Hamotzi המוציא.

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