Splendid Star Sapphires

A customer supplied me a majestic Star Sapphire deep Gem stone.

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Category: New Products

Customised Cufflinks

Here, a bride wanted to give her husband a very personalised and idiosyncratic gift as his wedding present.

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Category: New Products
Tag: sterling silver, elegant, mens, for him, cufflinks, hebrew, engraving, initials, wedding, present

A Pendant of Celestial Celebration

This Pendant marries an 11mm round Freshwater Pearl into a 9 ct. yellow gold setting.

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Category: Pendants, News
Tag: pendant, gold, hand made, moon, sun, necklace, freshwater pearl, texture, polish

Burning beauty…

This exquisite and fiery Orange Sapphire commands dazzling authority.

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Category: Dress Ring, Precious stones, New Products
Tag: white gold, sapphire, ring, dress ring, orange sapphire, dazzle, shine bright like a diamond

Rescue Operation

The previous, old ring setting was an injustice to the Prism of Light of this beautiful Peridot.

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Category: Precious stones, Dress Ring
Tag: diamonds, gemstones, silver, dress ring, peridot, setting


The Hamsa is a palm shaped amulet of the right hand.

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Category: New Products
Tag: sterling silver, jewellery, judaica, object, hamsa, silver
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